Friday, 26 September 2008

Some Staffs & Worcs pics

The Staffs & Worcs canal is very pretty with lots of interesting things to see including this memorial of a round house built in 1805. Even though it's 'modern', there's something about an enclosed circular shape that seems to hold an ancient significance. Perhaps it's just the shape? People have been making round enclosures forever judging by archaeological finds.

Even though there's a seat inside the circle, all the walkers I saw, seemed to prefer to sit on this bench to one side of the memorial. I was happy to use the bench too - as a useful support to cut logs off the end.

This is Devil's Den, a boat house cut into the rock.
I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful wild apple tree on the towpath, heavy with fruit.
Along with some blackberries, I made 12 jars of wild apple & blackberry jelly. Very yummy.

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Simon said...

Lovely - I must do something with the apples in my garden before they fall & rot... ;-(