Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Collecting rainwater

Well, I've started collecting rainwater. To begin with, it's travelling, a la Heath Robinson, through a filter, funnel and tubing for wine-making, down into a 20l container in the well deck. This is because I want to do a proper assessment of how much water can be collected from the surface area I have at the moment. I've set up 50 square feet (5 x 10ft) of corrugated roofing so far, (although I could have more if I wanted). I'll count the litres collected in October and then also in a hot month. (So far, Day 2 and 15 litres, what with rain showers both nights).

So the water runs towards the front of the boat, where the water tank is. Eventually, the water will run directly into the main water tank and be run out of the taps as usual. For drinking etc, it will go through my British Berkefeld ceramic water filter.

I was able to skip some of the materials: the huge palette, the guttering, - the stronger wood supports were begged from a BW yard, smaller batons found in a skip at Market Drayton. Unfortunately, after months of trying to find some large, heavy-duty canvas tarpaulin that wouldn't blow away, tear, droop into puddles, and after experimenting with other methods, I had to give up and buy the bloody plastic roofing. I'm not proud of that but hope it will last me well and not blow away and that it can also be used as a sort of little green house as the raised end allows quite a bit of room for plants. At the moment though, it's keeping my wood beautifully dry which is so important. There's nothing worse than running to light the stove on freezing winter's day, only to find your wood got a soaking the night before!


jonk said...

Sounds an interesting idea, why not just use the narrowboat roof rather than corrugated roofing?
I would be interested to hear how the project is going - I enquired on Canal World Forums and was directed to your website.

Carrie said...

The boat slopes backwards towards the stern. My water storage is at the front so I needed to counter the slope. I also have wood etc on the roof and dirt and insects contaminate the rainwater quickly if I use the boat roof. I also use the 'rainroof' for keeping wood dry underneath and last year grew cucumbers under there very successfully!