Saturday, 12 April 2014

compost corner

Who'd have thought that Hemel Hempstead would provide me with months of sawdust for my compost toilet! I'm always surprised by the bounty to be found along the canal, whether it's wood for heat, fruit and leaves for food, or sawdust for the loo.

My previous batch of sawdust was free (and kindly given) from a place near Hanwell that renovates old furniture and I did worry a bit about possible chemicals and varnishes when handling it. But this stuff is lovely, fresh and chemical-free.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

head west

That's what my phone, masquerading as a sat nav said each time we fired it up on our visit to Wales. We hired a car for the week and visited my brother, Simon's folks and my parents in one long staggered feast. Simon's blogged about a lovely folk session we went to and where he triumphed with a borrowed double bass. I think it was the nicest session I've been to.
Other delights included visits to favourite childhood haunts like Marloes, Solva, Fishguard and especially, Sandy Haven. I was so impressed by Neil's panorama photos (nb Herbie) that I had a go myself. Here's Sandy Haven...

Marloes beach...

My parents live near this estuary at Llangwm..

Home again now, cobwebs blown away. Blackbird was moored too loosely now that the water levels have dropped over the last week. New direction: head north!