Friday, 19 September 2008

Good things, bad things

Good things:
It's been sunny and warm
I saw a kingfisher dive and catch a fish
I met a nice boater with a sweet dog
I made elderberry cordial and hawthorn berry 'leather' and gathered lots of deadnettle and mugwort for teas.
I'm not near a road
I've been getting plenty of artwork done
Capitalism is crumbling as I write

Bad things:
Didn't get to a 'Support the Roma people' protest in Manchester (enforced fingerprinting of that group alone and recent state-condoned violence against the Roma in Italy, all smacking of a fascist past being re-animated), Couldn't go due to difficulties travelling with dog..
Feeling depressed about what we do to people seeking asylum in this country. About men, women and children being locked up for the crime of trying to escape persecution. People and birds migrate. Get over it.
Thinking about Babi Badalov, poet, artist, being deported tonight. Here's his story in case anyone out there cares.
Feeling, I dunno, down. Trying to focus on kingfishers and sunshine.

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