Sunday, 21 September 2008


Been on a walk along the disused railway line at Wombourne. It's nicer than the railway walk back at Compton (Staff & Worcs ) which is dead straight and covered with stone chippings that are no good for bikes or dog paws. This one is really well used.
There's an old station that's been converted to a tea shop. What a great idea except that it looked sort-of uncared for and shuttered up, even though it said 'Open'. You could have hanging baskets and chairs on the platform and an art gallery there. Looks like it needs a bit of imagination and drive behind it. Oh and it's also called The Olde Tea Shoppe, which is a bummer.

Lots and lots of horses round here.

And surprisingly rural surroundings, considering it's only 4 miles to cycle to Wolverhampton!

I took a photo of the water's edge along some nearby moorings. See how herbicide has been sprayed along the edge? I wonder if this has anything to do with all the deaded fish I saw last week. I must get on to Defra about it, or whoever is supposed to be monitoring water quality and enviromental issues, tho as we know, fish don't have any feelings! Ok, I admit it. I haven't cheered up yet ;-)

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