Saturday, 6 September 2008

New Oxford lab & dead fish

Well, this week, the new primate lab opens in Oxford. It's where monkeys get tortured to prove the bleedin obvious - that pumping chemicals into your body will kill you, that rubbing creams into your eyes can make you go blind, that sensory deprivation leads to madness, that cutting away parts of your brain means that parts of your body stop working. Duh! But of course, all you have to do is bring out the old 'we may be able to cure cancer' mantra and you can get away with any amount of animal cruelty. Pharmaceuticals is where the money is at and while there's big bucks to be had, people will continue to justify their jobs there.
SPEAK ( ) has continued its campaign against the lab, pointing out the 'Bad Science' and poor logic behind animal testing.
Today I've been noticing plenty of dead fish in the canal and when I've asked around about this in the past, I've been told that it's due to the run-off of nitrogen from farmland fertilisers when it rains a lot. When you think that this stuff is on our crops, in the grass that animals eat; that we pump pollution into the air we breath, dump chemicals into our rivers and seas, coat our bodies with chemical perfumes and detergents; that every material in our homes is treated with toxic paints and preservatives, that those eating meat and drinking milk are swallowing hormones and antibiotics and animal vaccines. It's hardly surprising we get illnesses like cancer. The irony is, the chemical industries peddling all this shit are also cashing in by producing 'The Cures'!
It reminds me of what happened in Iraq. The U.S bombed the place to pieces, then awarded all the reconstruction contracts to U.S companies, paid for from Iraqi oil money. It's a win-win situation (for some).
Right now, I'm feeling very depressed for the thousands of animals who will be used and thrown away like old tissues after every 'Botox' test, obesity drug or hairspray trial, whose lives will be short and full of pain and fear. Generations of students will repeat the same experiments year after year. There will be no cure for cancer. What there will be is huge revenues for the lab and associated companies. For those doing the experiments, I have nothing but loathing.

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