Friday, 13 September 2013

taken to the cleaners

Pff...the smallest washing machine at West Drayton laundrette now costs £5. What a rip-off for the poorest people. Here's where I meet old folk, migrants, homeless people, single mums, travellers, students. Oh, and the odd wealthier person whose machine has died just before guests arrive and need showing how to work the machines. That happened this morning and I was amazed at the person's apparent helplessness over everything from finding change and the right setting, to where to put powder and how to lock the door. I'd have been less judgemental if I hadn't seen them manage to park their huge 4x4 outside with competence.
Ok, I'm just annoyed by the price-hike!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

'my' otter!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

my otter and other animals

(I can't seem to upload any of my photos from my phone at the moment.  Disappointing but maybe I'll manage later)

We had a great day out at the British Wildlife centre at Lingfield where I finally fulfilled a long-held wish to see a real otter. It was fantastic! There were 4 of the beautiful creatures, who obligingly came out of their pond when one of the keepers brought food.
The animals are either rescued creatures or were born at the Centre, which used to be a dairy farm. Set feeding times meant that otherwise shy or nocturnal animals came out of hiding for their treats, which did seem unnatural but was a rare chance to see badgers, foxes, pine martins, stoats, weasels, hedgehogs, rats, rabbits, voles, owls and of course, otters, close up.
We came to a display board with large photos of the animals, along with names of people who had adopted each one. I noticed the label next to the otter had 'Carrie' on it and was just pointing this out to Simon when I saw the date underneath was that very day. The penny dropped as I realised Simon had 'adopted' me an otter! It was such a lovely and funny surprise. There was an 'adoption' package, including a birthday card from the centre and laminated pics of 'my' otter. A bike ride via a pub and pool table ended a petfect day out.
I will try to add pics later!