Thursday, 23 April 2009

Last post

Hey gentle reader (yes, all 2 of you!).
I'm giving up this blog, but if anyone wants to get in touch for any reason, you can always contact me via my craft website (link over to the right).
If you're boating, keep an eye out for Blackbird. There are a couple of 'Blackbirds' out there so yell 'Carrie!' to make sure ;-)
If you're dreaming of boating, do it! It's lovely.
I sometimes add stuff to the L.I.L.O website (low impact life on board: link on the right) and if you're interested in 'greener' boating, check it out. It's been compiled by people finding practical solutions that don't wreck the waterways and is a good way of meeting other like-minded boaters too.
Love, rage, peace & solidarity
- Carrie x

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Spring fare

This month I have mostly been eating... (ok, not mostly, I've had SOME..;-)
nettles, ramsons, Jack-by-the hedge, hawthorn leaves and cleavers. Just taking some leaves from some plants where they're abundant.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Moving on & mooring up

So, I'm on the Shropshire Onion canal, watching Spring arriving as I head further north. My doggy friend has taken to kipping out on the back deck - a sure sign of raised temperature.

Even I, with all my rooftop tat can fit under these bridges.

The view outside my side hatch:

At Market Drayton, I changed the oil and filter and also the fuel filter and I do feel pleased with myself, even though I must admit to having excellent guidance in the form of John - ex-engineer off the P&O ferries! Without his help, the bleeding of the engine afterwards would have all gone horribly wrong. He was travelling in convoy with 2 boat buddies and I was glad to see them at Adderley locks to be able to return the favour and do a bit of lock-wheeling.
I've been sorting out my planters and seed boxes, anxious to put my rainwater roof to it's secondary springtime use: a greenhouse.
Here I am, coming down through Audlem's 15 locks -starting at dawn to avoid the Easter holiday-makers. How dare they use MY waterways?!

Oh yes, I've got a mooring! I'm so so glad. It's oop north, so I'm heading for the Macclesfield canal, via the Middlewich branch (no horrible Harecastle tunnel for me). I already feel as though things have changed. I'll have a base. I may even get to know people for longer than two days - aaaggghh!