Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wild Wales & Gaza

I've had a few days in Wales, visiting my mum 'n dad. My son and daughter came too so it's been lovely to be all together, especially as we all have our birthdays around now. We've been scoffing great food, opening presents, drinking too much (ok, that was just me), walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches, getting bombarded with rain, trying to stand upright in gales - great stuff!
I had some good presents from my dearest ones: waterproof trousers and jacket (hurray!), Ray Mears's Wild Food book which is brilliant, a hedgerow medecine book which looks fascinating, CDs (Sigur Ros and Vincent Delerm, love em both), a couple of books I couldn't show my mum and vegan chocs, yum.
Tomorrow I head back to the boat, hoping it's still there. Hoping too that the dog behaves himself on the 6 hour journey on train and bus.

Meanwhile, my friend in Gaza hasn't been having such a great time. She's one of four activists who have been refused permission to leave Gaza, having arrived in the country aboard the SS Free Gaza. Egypt won't allow them to cross their border - hand in glove with Israel. In the news, the only person that actually gets mentioned is Lauren Booth cos she's Tony Blair's sister-in-law! The other three, including my lovely friend isn't newsworthy ;-). Blair's supposed to be the Middle East Peace Envoy but is refusing to get involved in this case. What a shit.

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