Friday, 31 October 2008

Leafy prop

Coo - aren't there a lot of leaves about and don't they love to cling to the prop! I couln't get out of a lock for a good while because I was clogged up with the things, even though I must say, they are beautiful. I'll add some photos another time.
I had a few lovely days while my daughter came to stay. I got through nearly half my wood pile because I wanted her to be all cosy and warm but now it's just me, I was straight out again gathering wood and only having the stove going morning and ok, late afternoon and evening ;-).
I watched a second coal boat go by yesterday and hope I can manage without buying any coal at all this winter. So far so good but I know it only takes a few very wet days and being in a tree-free area to bring you to cold desperation!
So, I've had a whole month of rainwater-harvesting now and collected 188 litres from my 50 square foot rain roof (so that was 47 litres/week for Oct). I'll keep counting to get some idea of an average over wetter and dryer months. Touch wood, it seems to be working ok.

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