Sunday, 5 October 2008

Winter stoppages

I belatedly discovered from another, wiser boater, that I wasn't going to receive a Winter Stoppages booklet through the post. I've just been slowly meandering but having had a look online at Waterscape, realise I need to make a decision about where to head. It seems that much of the Staffs & Worcs canal will be out of action at various times. I had thought of heading back up the Shroppie to the Llangollen which I'd missed out on over the summer but see that Audlem and Adderley locks will be shut at the start of November. I don't want to sprint up there early cos I'm meeting friends near Stourport in a week or so. And maybe there are stoppages on the Llangollen, I haven't checked yet. Hmmm.... decisions.

If a continuous cruiser gets blockaded in by stoppages, can they get fined or something I wonder?


Family Smith said...

I found you!
We were blocked in for a while and BW were quite charming about it and said it didn't matter if we lingered in the slightest.


Family Smith said... it possible you could post the method for the used toilet paper newspaper origami pouch?