Sunday, 5 October 2008


I've never really minded rain and like hearing it on the roof when I'm cosy and dry inside of course. But now, everything's changed! Harvesting rainwater is exciting! To me at least ;-)
I reluctantly poured my first 20 litres of rainwater over the side (it felt so wasteful) because I hadn't fixed up proper filters and because the water had accumulated over 3 days in a plastic jerrycan without the opening being sealed around the feed-in tube. But I sorted out these things yesterday and last night it rained and rained and filled to overflowing my 20l container so I added it into my main water tank. That's it. I'm now using my rainwater system at last!
I'll carry on collecting the water in the container for the rest of the month to be able to see how much I get in a damp month.
There's a responsibility though. I'll have to clean my filters often (simple cloth ones) and keep the guttering free of leaves and check for bird poo etc and make sure I always fill my drinking -water filter at night. But I like having that responsibility, like maintaining the compost loo and trying to grow and foraging things to eat. It gives me the illusion of being in control of my own life!

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