Sunday, 3 January 2010


Back on the boat after a really wonderful few days visting family and friends. When I got back, the boat looked lovely in white but there was a lot of snow in the stove (damn - kept meaning to get a new hat for the chimney) and the little wood I had left was wet. It was a bit of a shock after the comforts of a house and I was very reluctant to even take my coat off! I turned the sofa into a bed (goes into a double) and closed off the rest of the boat to try to keep the warmth in but mostly seemed to be burning fire-lighters rather than wood! Today, I gave in and bought some coal from a hardware shop (Roy and his family run a shop in New Mills that sells pretty much everything you need and are friendly and helpful in suggesting other places on the rare occasion they've run out of something). So tonight, I'm as cosy as anything and happy to be eating lentil and sausage stew cooked on the stove and thinking over the last few days ... mmmmm.
My plans for this year probably include giving up the mooring in the spring and exploring a bit further north. I'd like to visit Hebden Bridge boat buddies, although the thought of getting me and my roof tat through 'the highest, longest, deepest canal tunnel in Britain', terrifies me. Sounds like I should defiitely give it a go then!


Simon said...

hurray for friendly shops, being warm - and cooking on stoves! ;-)

Dr Bradleys Linctus said...

Hi Carrie

If your headiong to Hebden Bridge, you need to keep an I on the Rochdale canal at Sowerby Bridge as it is closed due to a dangerous chimney. No sign of when it will open, so thwe only way is over the Rochdale.

If you do come over the Huddersfield we'll probably pass as I go the other way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Colin
Is that the Wainhouse Tower mentioned in the Nicholson guide? Still not sure if I want to go over the Rochdale and back down the Bridgewater canal, or to head down and across to Nottingham! How lucky I am to have such choices to make. I hope things are progressing nicely with the boat interior? An exciting year ahead for the cafe plans...
Hope we cross paths again at some point.
Carrie x

Dr Bradleys Linctus said...

No not Wainhouse Tower, just an old chimney. The Rochdale is probably easier than the Huddersfield.