Saturday, 23 January 2010

wheelbarrow joy

You can keep your flash cars - I have a beautiful new wheelbarrow! It replaces the rusty, falling-apart trolley whose wheels always locked perpendicular to the direction I needed to travel. Today, I moored up by a small field with a pile of wood in it. The cafe nearby said yes, it belonged to them and yes, I could help myself :-)
Other things I have so far transported in my wheelbarrow: a bag of coal when I was iced-in and got desperate, a big bag of dog-fud, my dog (though he jumped out again after a couple of wobbly meters. He clearly doesn't trust my barrow wheeling skills yet.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Milou would prefer more bespoke wheeled transport....


Sue, Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

Ha! Did you note the 'doggie bags' for carrying pooches too? Everything from handbag sized dogs to big, sporty-type dogs! Can't imagine you lugging Lou and Blue around in one of those!
-Carrie x