Saturday, 30 January 2010

dredging & edging

The other day, I read a boat blog that said they had spotted that rare sight - BW doing some dredging! I can't find which blog it was now, doh. Anyway, they are very busy along the stretch between Bollington and Macclesfield and I've been fascinated to watch how they are securing the canal edging. There's an orderliness about the process that I like:

First knocking in these great poles, attaching a sort of permeable plastic sheet (a dredgerman told me the name but I didn't hear right so looked it up afterwards - think it's called geomembrane), securing the outer row to an inner post and later, I guess, filling in-between with dredged mud. All very clever, I think!


East of North said...

This is very interesting! Would you mind sharing the process on Bollington in Photos ( -- just register, let me know your login name, and I'll give you contributor status. This is exactly the content of the blog there.

Anonymous said...

Hi East of North - lovely website!
I did try to register, twice, but I haven't been sent a password. Perhaps it takes a few days? Otherwise, I'd be happy to send you the pics (poor quality compared to the fine ones on your site).
- Carrie