Friday, 22 January 2010

No fanfare..

.. just a quiet leavetaking of New Mills. Thought I'd post a winter view of the fields by my mooring - the same view that I posted last June, when the fields were full of beautiful buttercups.

It was a good place to moor, with some wonderful walks and views. I'll miss walking along the river with my dog dipping in and out the water, retreiving sticks and stones. Some lovely memories...
Getting iced-in made me restless though and now, the ice finally melted from the canal, I'm ready to go exploring some more. Actually, the ice hasn't gone entirely, as I've found over the last couple of days. You round a bend in the canal and meet large patches that could be a thin skin of ice or an inch-thick. It's hard to tell until you're in the middle of it and are watching great sheets of ice piling either side and hearing the ominous crunching sound of your blacking being removed from the hull!


grey wolf said...

Looks great!!

Simon said...

you can't argue with an itchy propellor, can you? Sounds good to be moving on, anyway.

PS - excellent use of 'leavetaking'. ;-) x