Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I got to meet the famous Maureen from Wardle lock at Middlewich who has had a lifetime of working-boats and locks. She's a darlin! And what a fine lock cottage she keeps too.
I was coming through and when she saw I was on me tod, pushed gates for me and even helped bow-haul the boat out the bottom of the lock - this from a woman who is 80! I didn't ask for her help of course but she was so matter-of-fact and just got on with things. We chatted about women managing boats solo, about her beautiful flowers and my roof-top courgettes.
I really wanted to take a photo of her in front of her cottage but it seemed wrong to ask but I'm glad to have met her.

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Simon said...

lovely to see you're back. ;-)

I remember the lock cottage, had a chat with a woman there sitting outside (it was around 8pm, a bit late for noisy locking) but she said she was a guest when I complemented her on the house & garden.

Where are you, then? I'm currently at Llangollen, heading back to Hurselston and then south from Monday. Would be excellent to meet you - phone number's on my blog a few pages back, or email is brentford at gmail...

look out for the little red boat!