Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Engine conversion

I'm hoping to be able to get my engine adapted to be able to run on used cooking oil. I've been in e-mail conversation about fuel pumps and purge alarms with Dieselveg - a company based in Wolverhampton. They do lots of diesel cars and vans but I think a narrowboat will be a new challenge for them.
The cost has been putting me off for ages (a DIY kit costs about £500, a conversion will cost about £1000 I think) but I can't keep banging on about polluting cars etc and be adding to the problem myself, even if it is on a much smaller scale.
Anyway, I'm waiting to hear if/when a slot might be available and if there is anywhere to moor near their premises. If all goes to plan, exciting times ahead!

later update:
Yippee! I've set the date - 8th September!

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