Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Keeping hot and staying cool.

Phew - it's been very hot over the last few days and I've been moored out in an open spot which was picturesque but shade-free. Normally my washing water is heated by the engine whenever I move the boat, but this cools off after a couple of days. So if I don't run the engine for a week, there's no hot water. In the summer, I use my 'solar shower' to get free hot water on those in-between moving days. It's really just a black bag of water but seems to work well enough.

Meanwhile, the boat itself is HOT! I try to make things cooler by keeping curtains closed against the light and making a through draft by opening the front and back doors and hanging wet cloths at either end. That does seem to lower the temperature a bit. I was relieved when the storm broke, even if I was in a long metal tube in the flat landscape!

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