Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Daft boating

I know I'm a fussy old hen but I've seen some pretty dangerous boating this last week. First was a boat towing a plastic duck with a chunky rope from its stern that was about 50ft long.
Next was a boat with three little kids running up and down the roof, playing 'tag' while the boat was going along. Only one kid was wearing a life-jacket. Meanwhile, the women sat oblivious in the bow, chatting and the blokes were nursing beers at the back.
Then there was the dog that fell in from a moving boat. I heard shouts, jumped off my boat and ran up the towpath towards a heavy staffy dog that was swimming towards the towpath. Its owners reversed the boat, calling the dog who then changed direction towards them instead. I called out to take the boat out of reverse. "Are we in reverse?" woman says to man. "na" replies man as they continue backwards. Luckily, he scoops the dog up as the stern arrives alongside. Then it's full throttle forwards without a word to me. The usual beers and cans litter the roof...
Today I watch as a little kid stands on the seat alongside the tiller, driving their hire boat. His family have their backs to him, leaning on the housing. The kid nearly slips, unnoticed by any of them, so decides to kneel there instead.

Anyone can have an accident of course, but it amazes me that people can be so careless about the most precious things in their life. I guess I'm just a worrier!

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