Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Moving on & mooring up

So, I'm on the Shropshire Onion canal, watching Spring arriving as I head further north. My doggy friend has taken to kipping out on the back deck - a sure sign of raised temperature.

Even I, with all my rooftop tat can fit under these bridges.

The view outside my side hatch:

At Market Drayton, I changed the oil and filter and also the fuel filter and I do feel pleased with myself, even though I must admit to having excellent guidance in the form of John - ex-engineer off the P&O ferries! Without his help, the bleeding of the engine afterwards would have all gone horribly wrong. He was travelling in convoy with 2 boat buddies and I was glad to see them at Adderley locks to be able to return the favour and do a bit of lock-wheeling.
I've been sorting out my planters and seed boxes, anxious to put my rainwater roof to it's secondary springtime use: a greenhouse.
Here I am, coming down through Audlem's 15 locks -starting at dawn to avoid the Easter holiday-makers. How dare they use MY waterways?!

Oh yes, I've got a mooring! I'm so so glad. It's oop north, so I'm heading for the Macclesfield canal, via the Middlewich branch (no horrible Harecastle tunnel for me). I already feel as though things have changed. I'll have a base. I may even get to know people for longer than two days - aaaggghh!


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see pictures and a description of your new mooring. And does it measure up to what you were looking for? (And more to the point, what's the dog think of it?!)


Carol said...

What a shame. I was in Crewe for the Easter weekend, I met up with Les from Valerie at Nantwich. I would have like to have come and tried your speciality tea!! Oh well next time I am up.....

grey wolf said...

great news that you have a mooring hope it is a happy one with views a beautiful as on the shroppie

Carrie said...

Hello David, Carol and Mr Wolf
I'm going to be moored on the Peak Forest canal, which I like very much, so yes, I'm happy about that. Some great hiking countryside and good access to trains for Manchester etc. Plus, I like boating on the Macclesfield too. I'm sure the dog will be pleased with the walking potential!

Carol - you'll be most welcome x