Thursday, 23 April 2009

Last post

Hey gentle reader (yes, all 2 of you!).
I'm giving up this blog, but if anyone wants to get in touch for any reason, you can always contact me via my craft website (link over to the right).
If you're boating, keep an eye out for Blackbird. There are a couple of 'Blackbirds' out there so yell 'Carrie!' to make sure ;-)
If you're dreaming of boating, do it! It's lovely.
I sometimes add stuff to the L.I.L.O website (low impact life on board: link on the right) and if you're interested in 'greener' boating, check it out. It's been compiled by people finding practical solutions that don't wreck the waterways and is a good way of meeting other like-minded boaters too.
Love, rage, peace & solidarity
- Carrie x


Carl said...

First time I log on to your blog and it's your last post!

Anyway, I came to look for your in the virtual world because, sorting out the huge pile of tat that is my garage, at the weekend, I found the treadle fretsaw that I promised you, about a year ago and forgot all about (oops!).

If you still want it then email me at carlt88(at) and I'll come and find you in the real world. Sometime next week?

grey wolf said...

sorry you are giving up on this section i wish you luck with your new mooring and living the greener life.


Tony said...

Can I be the third of your two readers to say how sorry I am that your blog is coming to an end, and to wish you luck with your new mooring.

I've been threatening to buy a boat for ages - who knows, eventually it might even happen. If it does, perhaps our paths might cross in the real world one day

nb.bobcat said...

I will be the fourth of your two readers to say we will miss your views on life.

If I see Blackbird when I am out and about I will indeed say hello and try your 'tea'.


Carol said...

I am the fith, see you had more than you thought. Good luck with the mooring and your greener way of life. Maybe our paths will cross. Who knows?

Carrie said...

Thanks all, for your kind words!
As I've killed off my blog in the past (my first year afloat) and later exhumed it, I realise my own cyclic destructive tendencies ;-)
Instead, I'll mothball it in case I ever feel like blogging again.

Best wishes boaty friends x

Anonymous said...