Thursday, 5 February 2009

White (grey) things

I didn't have my camera ready when I boated past a field with tiny lambs in, yesterday. They looked so fragile in snow!
I also didn't have it to hand when I saw snowdrops in Brewood churchyard. So I took it out with me very early this morning, to get some pictures of white things, though the light was so dull that everything has turned out grey.
My dog eating snow
Moorhen tracks - looks like they collided and fell in the canal.
Brewood is one of those villages that were made to be snowed on - very pretty.


grey wolf said...

The moorhen obviously walked backwards instead of falling in,they have a weird sense of humor you know.Nice dog,loved the pictures.

Carrie said...

Ha! Lovely idea of moorhens playing tricks!
How kind of you to say 'Nice dog'. You've made it to my exclusive list of officially wonderful people.