Saturday, 31 January 2009

"Noncy noddy toy"

I'm moored near a winding hole and a long boat came to turn. I could see he was doing a beautiful job and could fit ok but out of courtesy I put my head out to ask if he wanted me to pull my boat back at all. No, he was fine. It was such a smooth turning (unlike my usual 24 point turns) that I asked if he had a bow-thruster. I suppose I thought that if he didn't, he might feel complimented on his boat-handling skills. Oh no! He said with real vitriol "No, why would anyone want one of those bloody noncy, noddy toys!". I just nodded and went back inside, insulted on several levels, even though I don't have a bow-thruster myself.
A moment later, he was backing past my boat towards the water-point and sure-enough, his bow hit my stern. I've never been happier to be hit ;-)


Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

Please tell me that you popped your head out again, crossed your arms and tapped a foot in his direction?

Maybe you could have asked him why he had one of those Noddy Tonka-Toy "engine" thingies instead of "an 'orse". ...

Luddites live and breath (and hit other boats).

Anonymous said...

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