Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Hedgerow Hooch

Aahh - back in the lap of luxury in my parent's house! Where doorways don't lower by magic to hit you on the forehead; where ice stays on the outside of windows; where taking a shower doesn't involve the courageous removal of 5 layers of clothing.

I've brought mum'ndad some of my Hedgerow hooch made from elderberries, booze, cloves, mace, muscovado sugar and I can't remember what else - I got carried away that day and er... kept tasting it. I started with a recipe from my Hedgerow Medecine book for Elderbery Syrup, good for coughs and colds. The book says to take it either in neat spoonfuls every so often, or to add boiling water for a warming drink. This is a very boozed-up version and I really like it. Tastes a bit like hot mulled wine but stronger.

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