Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fun boat

I like this boat! The owner welded the tree-stump chimney with the bird on, himself. It's great bumping into nice peeps with a light-hearted approach to their boating cos theres so many stuffy "don't look at my paintwork in case you scratch it" people on the canals.
I, of course, am perfect in every way ;-)


nb.bobcat said...

Love the shark and the chimney pot. Is it a hollowed out tree stump with the chimney inside or is the whole thing metal and cleverly painted?

Carrie said...

It's all metal - amazing isn't it!

Carrie said...

oh yes, also, the things like milk-churns at the back, are gas bottles, cut to have hinged lids. Inside are smaller gas bottles because the owner didn't like the look of bare gas bottles on display. I thought that was pretty ingenious.