Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Character forming - huh!

Things bain't been easy recently. I was quite happy to be locked in, about a mile from the nearest shop ..... while I was strong and well that is. Then I hurt my back cutting or hauling wood I guess. Couldn't sit for long, couldn't lie on any side comfortably, cut wood, walk far - you get the picture. Feels like disc trouble. Had to hobble along for dog food and bread after a few days. Lighting the fire and tying shoelaces were the hardest.
Things have eased now and the stoppages finished early so I came up through two locks VERY slowly indeed, especially as it's snowed, only to find the boatyard water tap was frozen solid. They weren't very helpful at the boatyard and although I was walking like a constipated elk, they stood back to watch me do the diesel myself. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but just hauling the pipe and getting down to the filler cap was a big task! My fault for not asking for help which I always find hard to do. I wanted a gas bottle too but knew I couldn't handle it myself and would not ask them! See - all my fault! I'm ok for gas till after Christmas though, I reckon.
There was no mooring free near the boatyard to wait for a thaw (the guys cheerfully informed me "oh the sun never reaches these taps, it'll be like that for a few days") so I had to carry on up through another lock. Thank goodness I've got rainwater collecting which has tided me over the last couple of weeks as I'm not up to carrying water yet. God, this is a HUGE moan, isn't it!
I love boating and I wouldn't be surrounded by people or in a marina for all the tea in China, but I admit I'm really really looking forward to going to my Mum & Dad's for Christmas and getting looked after and hugged and fed and given brandy at regular intervals.


Simon said...

Ouch - have an internet hug, whilst less tactile also less likely to trouble dodgy backs (been there). x

grey wolf said...

get well soon.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm a lt better. I've moved from moaning to ranting, so I must be!