Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Red Barrows

We went along to the Hanwell Carnival which claims to be London's oldest, starting in 1898. It was great to be at such a popular and well-attended event. I liked the unpretentious dog-show with prizes for 'dog looking most like owner' category. We actually persuaded a human and dog to take part, having privately decided each was just like his tall, furry companion. The man did win a prize which I was glad about as he was quite shy, but it turned out it wasn't actually his dog!
However, the highlight for me was The Red Barrows - formation wheelbarrowing of the finest expertise, including a wheel-past with red, white and blue smoke display. Beautifully done!

 Build up to a death-defying near collision that had the crowds holding their breath and cheering with relief.

A triumphant salute!

p.s Thanks to Simon for use of his photos.

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