Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lock-in on the Lea

After much hesistation, I've decided to go up the Lea and Stort during the olympics. The exclusion zone, between Paddington Basin and Lee Bridge (or thereabouts) will be cleared on the 3rd July so I'll start heading off on Monday. I'm quite excited about it really because a) I haven't been there on my boat before and b) there are lots of lovely boaters who will also be hanging out there over the Summer. I've met a few here in London and shared enough chat and cider to know we will get on well in our 'lock-in' on the Lea :-)
It won't be very convenient for the bits of work I do off the boat, but I think that will be balanced by having good community around me when I am at home.
I'm also in a good work rhythm on the boat, greatly helped by having a proper work space and the warmer weather also helps. The back room is light and sunny for artwork with the back doors open and that bulkhead gone, it's brilliant. I need to think ahead to winter months and how to heat that space, but right now, I'm just enjoying it all.

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