Friday, 30 December 2011


It was good to have a bit of boat time in a quiet spot, albeit for a short spell before Christmas and a trip over to Wales to see family. Then it was back to move Blackbird along a bit. No ice down this neck of the country. It feels so mild this winter! The cabbages are coming along nicely and I like looking at them on the roof, until I saw a boat with brussel sprouts on their roof and now I have sprout envy!
I've been thinking about where to explore next. I think I'd like to wander along the Kennet and Avon. I've been along the Bristol and Bath bit in a friend's boat but it will be a bit of an adventure to go out on the Thames at Brentford and approach it from this end.


grey wolf said...

hello and can i wish you belatedly a happy new year,You trip plans sound good but it may be a bit crowded with the Olympics this year

Anonymous said...

Hi mr wolf - happy new year to you too. All plans may depend on the closed sections of the grand union and the Olympics! We may all be shoved out onto the Thames!