Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Boat blues

I'm having boat blues. It's not because I'm on my boat and feeling down, but because I've been off it too long. It's been a mix of staying in a house, staying at my live-in work and being in France and I say a mix because that's been a roller-coaster of happy and stressful emotions. Now all I long for is to be alone on my lovely boat, moving on, being outside, being peaceful. I want to hear birds, see fields and woods and water. There's something very therapeutic about living on a narrowboat. It's a small, safe place and just the right size to enjoy organising and keeping tidy.
As sson as I'm home again, I'm going to pull up those pins and move away to an empty space and go walking. I'll come back cold and tired and make a fire in the stove and start some soup cooking on top, maybe play my accordian, read by candle-light.

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