Monday, 27 June 2011

Gimp My Ride

I used Gimp to do a quick view of how my boat may look if I have the cabin cut back. (The water reflects its shape today.)

And then I might paint it a blue-grey colour, sometrhing like this:

I could paint some blackbirds in flight along the cabin sides too.

I've been doodling on bits of paper to work out how the inside layout would alter but that will have to be another post, another day.
Wow it's hot today! I had a lovely, lesiurely boat trip from Rickmansworth to Watford and was glad there weren't queues of boats behind me as it was too hot to rush through the locks. My washing dried very quickly :-)


Neil Corbett said...

Interesting. Actually it looks quite good. Even better if you could keep the reflection:-)

Anonymous said...

You're right Neil - I might be glad of that reflection if I get lots of visitors. I'll tell them they're sleeping in the reflection :-)