Thursday, 23 June 2011


This entry is born of the frustration of not being able to comment directly on Rose of Arden's blog and say how brilliant their post about bats is! Have a look HERE.
I find bats fascinating and didn't know ordinary people could get bat detectors (although Mags and Mike may be extraordinary, I don't know!). They've put links to hear the different sounds bats make. I never know what kind of bats are zooming around my head late at night but I like the fact that they live so secretly from humans. I also like them because they remind me of hot summer nights in France. We walked back to the boat, late on the evening of the solstice and had them swooping overhead - lovely,
Here's my own little bat, imaginatively named "Batty".


Crew: Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Hello Carrie, nice to see that you enjoyed the info about one of our batty hobbies, we have many others.

I was surprised to find that you were unable to post a comment on the blog. So I have turned off the moderation step just in case it is that.

There are some problems going on at Blogger, I would not be surprised to find out that Blogger has done another update and screwed up again.

If you go back, you can test the comment posting for me.

If you have a problem again. You might try and click on the posting title. "Batman and Dobbin" This will bring up the posting on its own. I am told that blogger sometimes will not let comments be posted if there are more than one posting in the reader window.

Wildlife is one of our family interests. The eldest daughter Steph works for Environ as an environmental consultant. Did her Phd in "river silting" I know its breathtaking stuff.

As for extraordinary - we are certainly different. ;-)

We are still stuck in the marina until the second week in August when we hope to do about 10 weeks on the canal for our first serious cruise.

regards to all.

Mick n Mags.

Anonymous said...

Hi M&M
Thanks - I still couldn't post a comment but it's obviously just my computer and not a problem with your settings or probably even with Blogger. There are a couple of other blogs I can't comment on, including Chertsey. I got a new/second hand 'puter and there must be a problem with my settings, just can't find out yet!
Thanks again for an interesting blog. Hope to bump into you along the waterways at some point :-)