Friday, 2 July 2010


Just some photos of things I saw over the last couple of weeks..

The fields of wheat look great right now, slowly turning golden. I saw lots of rabbits snuffling away in there as I walked past. Later, foxes too! Foxton is certainly well-named ;-)

A moment later, this boat was almost engulfed in curious cattle, licking the cabin sides.

I watched house martins swooping in to feed their young at a lock-cottage (was out boating with the Herbies) but not one bird would come near when I had a camera in my hand of course! I think their nests are just amazing, like cob houses.

Braunston boat festival - very hot, lots of people, socialising and some great boats.

My own personal boat lust... all that hold, that basic chunky simplicity, yum.

Smeeton Westbury - a village worth wandering across the fields for. At its centre is a big dip, filled with the loveliest allotments although the scarecrow is armed and dangerous.

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Tony said...

If you were at Braunston last weekend, we may be heading in roughly the same direction. I'm in Rugby at the moment, about to leave for Braunston soon and heading south via the GU. So if you see a grey sailaway with green around the windows, the strange-looking person covered in red primer will most likely be me.