Thursday, 22 July 2010


It was a real pleasure to finally get to meet Ali and Richard, whose blog Smudgers is such a lovely read. Their littl'uns are great fun and Eleanor makes very good pizza!
Back at Braunston, I saw Tony from nb Universe again, which was very nice, especially as he brought me freshly foraged horseradish. It packs quite a punch and there's a lot of it, so I will try to find lots of ways of preserving it and using it in food. Thanks too Tony, for posting a picture of that delightful BW boat I'd spotted at Norton Junction. Now I'm back there, I went to take a few photos myself. You never know, BW may want to get rid at some point!
Well, the sky is an incredible yellow grey, the rain coming down in silvery sheets - quite spectacular. Unfortunately, I dismantled a section of my rainwater harvesting system and it's all running happily into the canal instead of my tank. Never mind, I expect there's plenty more where that came from ;-)


Sarah said...

Put it in beetroot and lentil soup!!

jazzyjeph said...

Ooh a bit of Horseradish sauce, nice. Have you seen the BW auction of workboats ?