Sunday, 28 June 2009

Well dressed

Off on a wander, I found a marquee where people were preparing for a well-dressing. Before I knew it, I was pressing dried camomile and parsley into a foam base! It's painstaking work. The woman doing the parsley was going quietly mad - I had the impression that anyone mentioning parsley sauce in the future, will be instantly punched ;-)

The picture represents the Goyt valley with its reservoir and the celebration is in praise of water. It's all made of seeds, petals, flowers, stones, wood, leaves and it was like making miniature pictures in the garden when you're a child (only this was serious stuff ! ;-)
There's an interesting gender divide whereby the women make the picture, the men carry it out and assemble it. Bits drop off and the women blame the men. It's a tradition!
Anyway, I went along again today for the little ceremony where school children sang beautifully, the local band played and the vicar tried to lay church claim to this pagan custom.
I thought the final result looked great. I've been invited to help make it next year. That must mean I'm local now!


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carrie

Nice to see you in passing. Big favour do you mind if I take a copy of your well dressing photo. We came across them too but it was early in the week. Yours is now the completed project. Lovely.
Take care Dot
Nb Gypsy Rover

Anonymous said...

Be my guest!

- Carrie x