Monday, 8 June 2009

Settling in

I'm getting to know the place now; where to find good bread, local veg, vegan goodies, etc.
In answer to David's question, I've registered with a GP and joined the library like anyone else would, though I gave my parent's home as a permanent address and they wrote 'narrowboat Blackbird, the Marina' on my file. I guess they wanted something more concrete than 'The Towpath'! The thing is though, no-one at the nearby marina has a clue who I am but it's consoling to know that in the event of my having an incurable disease or, more usefully, an overdue library book, the marina will be the first to know ;-)

Discovering the gorgeous footpaths around here is on-going fun, especially when you aren't sure where you'll end up. My dog loves leaping along the paths and rivers and there's also a nature reserve right alongside the towpath where I'm moored up. It's a bit tempting to spend all day outside, wandering in fields instead of doing purposeful things, which I must.
I've also met a few local boaters who are moored about 1/2 mile away and been along for a few drinks with them. Nothing nicer than sitting out by boats, chatting, playing with dogs. So far, I still have no neighbours along my stretch, just a couple of unoccupied boats.
oh yes - of vital importance! I've found three lime trees in the area, all about to burst out in blossom. I was worried I'd missed the short flowering time. It's my favourite tea.

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MortimerBones said...

fantastic! It looks simply divine over the hills!!!!!