Monday, 17 November 2008

Smouldering collar

With all the excitement and trauma of the spider incident (hey, I live a quiet life you know!), I was too busy staring nervously at the darting shadows from flickering candles and firelight to notice my stove flue was smouldering at the collar. I happened to notice a glowing edge where the wood met the flue and put the fire out in a right panic.

I thought there should maybe be some fire cement or something between the metal and the wood and that I hadn't been doing my maintenance properly. But when I phoned up a nearby chandlery, they said there should be a good-sized gap between wood and metal, which makes sense.
Now I'm chipping away at the charred edges which won't look pretty but will hopefully avoid a disaster.

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Simon said...


because I've only around an inch of insulation between the roof & roof lining, the collar on Tortoise extends past the lining, with the flue inside it (with fibreglass stuffing between the two) - the collar itself seems to stay fairly cool, and that's OK. You can buy brass rings to edge off the lining around the flue, but cutting it back will work just fine.

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