Monday, 17 November 2008


Ok, the screaming has just about ended. Two days ago I felt something tickling the back of my neck.

Come on Carrie, you know you can go back into the bedroom if you try ;-)


Carol said...

Oh Yuk I would have been outta there and in the canal before I knew it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha - you're right there Carol, I nearly was! Thought I was getting much better with spiders - I can put them outside with a jar and can even pick up tiny ones by hand but it was that sensation of walking across the back of my neck that still makes me shudder. I knew I shouldn't have cut my hair so short!
- Carrie

Carol said...

This might be of help. Conkers. Apparently there is a chemical in conkers that act as a repellent to spiders. You put them along your window and door ledges and spiders won't go near them. I have never tried it myself but I know a few people that swear by them.

I too have a spider jar and put them out. Ones that size though are too big to catch and I dont like to splatt them either. Luckily the only ones I have had that size have all been in the bath so I have been able to wash them away!!