Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Media coverage and silence.

At last, my friend's boat project with 'Free Gaza' (I wrote about it last month) has got BBC attention and there was an interview on Radio 4 this morning. Anything that can help them NOT get shot at is good. An example of media biais in this country: When one Israeli soldier gets killed, he is named, we hear his age and he gets several minutes worth of news time. When the Israelis retaliate and sixteen Palestinians are killed (including several children), they are nameless non-people worth less that a minute's air-space. The only suffering reported from Palestine is, you'll notice, when referring to inter-factional violence (Hamas and Fatah). Persistant persecution of Palestinians by Israelis is almost never reported by the BBC. Of course, we supply arms to Israel.
Among the wonderful people on the Free Gaza boat is an 84 yr old Jewish lady whose family died in concentration camps. She came to live in Britain as a child. Now she's risking her life on the boat going over to help bring medical supplies to the besieged Palestinians in Gaza. Amazing woman.

Meanwhile, Climate Camp at Kingsnorth power station is pretty much being ignored by the BBC at least. There seems to be no reporting of the fact that demonstrators have been hospitalised by baton attacks, nor that in a 5am raid, the cops came on site and smashed in the windows of the vans protecting the entrance from their dawn raids. The police go in and out of peoples' tents, confiscate guy ropes from marquees, pipes for drinking water, bikes and children's play equipment. The government are the largest shareholders in the UK energy industry, the police are employed to protect corporate interests and the BBC is in the hands of both. You only have to listen to the scanty, biaised news they select for our hearing to realise how far the media is state controlled.
For real information about news from the Climate Camp, try:

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