Thursday, 21 August 2008

IWA - it's like I was there!

The Inland Waterways festival is just up the water from me and it's been canal chaos back at Wheaton Aston lock. I got chatting to a nice bloke from Teddesley Boat hire who said he'd counted 16 boats waiting to come up through the lock yesterday! And there was I, trying to avoid the Llangollen crowds! The rain has been pretty unrelenting up till now and the man told me he'd come to collect a hire boat that a family had left, mid-holiday. They just couldn't bear it any longer in the miserable weather. Poor things, I'm not surprised. It can get a bit dull when it's terrible weather, so I imagine what it's like cooped up with young kids.

I've spotted some interesting boats selling crafts, on their way there and the Mikron Theatre boat and some very shiny, spruced up boats with gleaming brasses. One man, looking at my grey-green brass, told me how he used a varnish to keep his mushroom vents always golden. "I haven't polished them in two years" he said proudly.
"Nor have I!" I said.

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Simon said...

ooh! catching up with you - at Market Drayton... are you already through the junction? Typically I'm expecting a guest Fri night and we'll be heading through Brum (so unlikely to be able to do a diversion to see you). Anyway, my tel no is in my july posts, if you fancy trying to rendezvous, give me a next with where you are and I'll see what's possible?

Looks like I could be trying to get straight through the IWA thingy at the weekend. Oh dear...