Wednesday, 22 January 2014

winter warmers

I'm writing this on my snazzy new phone. The keypad is quite small for my fingers that suddenly seem giant fingers and I'm reminded of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer has become obese to get out of work (and has to wear a mumu). He tries to use the phone but receives a pre-recorded message saying "your fingers are too fat to dial,  please mash the keyboard now".
I was thinking about what makes my boat cosy and homely in winter, apart ftom the obvious - my stove! Apart from that, my radio is really important. Simon gave me a new little DAB radio for Christmas,  that is also an mp3 player. It's fantastic, especially as he added a solar panel charging socket on it, complete with panel of course. It also has a usb charger so I can top it up on the library computer too. And it's small enough to take to work with me ad I find it hard to get to sleep without the radio on.

I'm also addicted to my 2 hot waterbottles to warm up the bed before i get in. I blame Simon! His electric blanket in the house has made a softy of me.

Another very comforting thing on Blackbird is my paraffin lamp and candles. I know real flames are a bit risky but I do love that soft yellow lighting. My old lamp started leaking so now I've bought myself a new one and thought I'd show it off before it goes the same colour as the last one did ;-)

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