Sunday, 15 December 2013

orange cheer

It's not particularly cold here, down south,  but it is a bit dreary and damp. But things that cheer me up are my new sunflower twirly..

my Christmas decorations and lights...

and a glowing stove..

I'm ashamed of my fondness for cheery tat, built from chinese sweatshop labour and comfort myself with the thought that the fire at least is the result of foraging, skip-diving and hard work. Though having said that, I owe this current batch of firewood to Simon, who sawed up a wooden bed, found dumped in the canal. Lucky me!


Anonymous said...

We all need a guilty pleasure or two - no-one will begrudge you a bit of chinese "tat" - though it looked lovely to me :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

grey wolf said...

It looks good anyway.I am sure that the people working there are glad of the job. and campaigning for there improvement, will progress slowly as there people raise their expectations of the government
merry christmas

Carrie said...

Thanks Sue & Wolfie and a very happy, peaceful christmas to you both :-)

On the subject of Chinese-made stuff, I'm not convinced by the 'trickle-down' wealth theory. I think it supports and sustains inequality but hey - I'm a hypocrite in need of orange cheer.