Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Terrible lizards!

The man who invented the word 'dinosaur' (terrible lizard), went on to design a display of concrete dinosaurs in Crystal Palace park. He was Richard Owen and along with sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, they did their best to recreate dinosaurs based on their knowledge at that time (1852). Anyway, we had a wander through the park on Sunday and it was well worth a visit. The gaps in anatomical understanding at that time make it all the more appealing and of course we still don't know everything about dinosaurs. I especially like the way one dinosaur is facing away, head in foliage, because no skull fossil had yet been found and they honestly had no clue what it looked like!

Back on board and just for fun, I made my own dinopark with some of my 'crew'.
Just as convincing, I reckon :-)



Simon said...

I do hope people walked past when you were taking those photos... hope they're all back inside in the dry now? ;-)

Lovely, and fun ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your garden is definitely their spiritual home - they look fab - especially t-rex! It's a shame they can't stay there - well, unless you have really honest passersby who won't nick them!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Carrie said...

Thank you dear hearts, I'm touched by your concern for their wellbeing :-) They are safely back inside, in their various positions as boat guardians, no doubt invigorated by the trip to Outdoors!