Sunday, 6 May 2012


I was sorting out my roof planters and buried deep in one, were these two eggs! I think they are either coot or moorhen eggs. I remember being disturbed by scrabbling on the roof at night, a few months ago so I suppose this is what was happening. Wonder if it was a fox or a rat? I haven't yet explored the other plant pots yet, so there may be more!
It reminded me of when my Mum kept finding lots of hens' eggs in the flower-pots in her garden.

Went to Little Venice cavalcade yesterday, which was a good opportunity to meet up with the Herbies, whose company I enjoy very much.


Carol said...

Hi Carrie
Hope you are well, just up the road from me a bit I see. I presume the eggs are dead as they are not being sat on? Fingers crossed you may find some gold up there!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol. Do wave and say hello if you see me, be nice to meet you :-)

Carol said...

I most certainly will.