Wednesday, 14 March 2012


My original plan was to shorten the interior living space in favour of a larger well-deck garden and workshop space. I've decided to put that plan on hold for now as I'm not 100% sure it's the right thing to do and it's not something I could rectify once the cabin had been cut away!
Meanwhile, I really want the workshop space so have opted for a less radical change but one I still find exciting :-) What used to be my bedroom at the back of the boat, will be a sort of studio, with long workbench, storage space for tools etc and a small stove.
First, I dismantled the bed. Here it is, with the top and drawers removed. It was very solidly built and there's a certain amount of guilt in ripping apart someone's craftmanship. I'm saving the drawers though; they were a useless size for clothes but will be perfect for sketchbooks etc.

In the top left hand corner, there's the storage tank for the toilet, that goes through into the bathroom, the other side of the bulkhead. Luckily I had long since scrubbed it out (if only the memory of that day could be equally cleansed!) when I made my compost loo, so it hadn't been used in years. Now, the rest of the bed is cleared out and Simon managed to get the tank out for me (- thank you!) So now I have a wonderfully empty room to plan my workshop layout in.
The photo below shows the bulkhead that leads into the engine room. I'd already planned to shift the door from the left side side into the middle, to accommodate a stove in that left corner, but chatting to Simon, he suggested getting rid of the partition altogether to make a bigger room. I agree and think it would make it a lovely light space, especially with the back doors open.
Next job is taking out this partition to open into the engine room.

I like the word upheaval as it does what it says (up - heave - all!)

p.s If anyone is fitting out a boat and wants a free waste storage tank, you are welcome to it. It has a foot wide circular hole cut out of it but that can have a plate welded over it and it's on the top side.


Simon said...

I still reckon you could very easily rivet a piece of perspex or similar across the hole, leaving a handy window to inspect the contents ;-)

Kath said...

Gosh!! :-)
Kath (nb Herbie)