Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Blimey, never thought I'd be encouraging anyone to vote but I read Tony's blog about the IWA possibly monopolising the 4 available seats on the Council of the new Canal and River Trust. I agree that that wouldn't be properly representative of the diversity of boaters in the UK. When voicing his concerns among the London Boaters, Tony found himself nominated as a candidate, which doesn't surprise me in the least!

It's quite clear from first meeting Tony, what a warm, genuine and caring person he is and his dynamic, intelligent input in the London Boaters group has earnt the respect of many fellow boaters. He worked tirelessly to win rights and concessions for that group and could use this experience and his ideas in other areas. I'm fortunate to also know him as a friend and although I know he is far too modest to be happy about me shouting his virtues from the treetops, I've seen his selfless and personal commitment to those facing hardship and injustice.

Anyway, I've taken the liberty of re-posting his obligatory election address here.

"I am a 51-year-old CC liveaboard and have been an active member of London Boaters for the past year or so.

London Boaters is becoming a pioneer of community-based provision of services and facilities for boaters (e.g. moorings, boaters' credit union). I believe that this could serve as a template for use in other areas, and fits in well with the local partnership model embodied in the CaRT structure.

There is a view that the canal network is a scarce commodity with competition for resources between leisure and residential users. Our research showed this not to be the case, and that a vibrant residential community actually encourages leisure users to make better use of the canals. I will work to promote the use of the waterways to maximise the benefit for all users.

I am independent of all organisations representing boaters.

Any questions, please leave a comment, or email me at election at floatinguniverse dot org dot uk.



Alan Fincher said...

Hi Carrie,

I thought your blog had disappeared ? My last few attempts to find it failed - curious.

Don't forget that this is a single transferable vote election, and there are 4 places to be filled, so it will generally be sensible to list further ordered preferences. If you only state a first preference, and that person either cannot possibly get elected on all votes available, or actually have more votes cast than they need to get in, then your next choice is considered. It means it is more likely your vote counts in the overall picture, and is not wasted.

I'll not blatantly electioneer here, other than to point out I'm also standing as a candidate, so if you need the name of someone else you have at least met a couple of times.....

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Alan - Hi!
I only found out you were standing too, a couple of days ago, when Simon mentioned it! Sorry, I'm a bit cut off from canal doings sometimes.
Thanks for explaining the advantage of filling out more than one preference. I think my endorsement of any candidate is bound to put a lot of people off that candidate, by association! (I've never exactly courted popularity) But I remember from CWF that enough good folk have also met you and thought highly of you, so I risk causing little damage to your chances of success by shouting VOTE FINCHER from the prow of my boat! Good luck Alan :-)