Thursday, 20 October 2011

Moles and holes

I have new front doors and needed to make a ventilation hole in the wood so I can light my stove safely. I used an old-fashioned hand-drill to make lots of holes so it looks like it was done with a machine-gun! You can see the one area I was able to reach with the coping saw. It was wobbly and hard work but also fun and satisfying to get it done. Once the section was taken out, I put a proper brass ventilation grill over both sides so you'd never guess the incompetent job underneath - unless you blog about it of course!

My second job of the day was to plant up some kale and cabbage plants but I needed soil for the planters and all is stony on this stretch of towpath. But overhearing some walkers talking about the 'eyesore' molehills on the playing field, I headed over there with my wheelbarrow and found the best soil for planters. It's topsoil, all finely sifted through mole claws! I hope gardeners will recognise how useful moles can be and stop treating them like pests.

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Anonymous said...

If you fancy a challenge, you could try to convince my dad that moles aren't pests - he's like Elmer Fudd where moles are concerned! But then we were finding around 60-80 molehills per day in the Summer.