Saturday, 24 September 2011

Light & shade

Sad things: the death of friend and wonderful Calais activist, Marie-Noelle Gues.
Photographer, journalist, teacher, mother.
Here's a Youtube clip of what she was fighting for.

And of course, it's the sadnesses that highlight the joys of normal day-to-day living.
Here's a few of the lovely things that have happened recently:
Towersey folk festival - I loved it! Some great music, camping, morris dancing, a spectacular lantern procession, Indian circus, surreal hand-bell ringing, copious amounts of cider and falafel.
I failed to take any photos except of these fine flag performers. It doesn't sound anything special but the slow swoosh and crack of the material was absolutely mesmerising.

A birthday treat (one of many :-) - a river trip from Richmond to Westminster and back.
Fantastic weather, had a silly grin on my face thoughout.

Another treat - a puppet show on the Puppet Barge at Richmond! (This photo is from their website). Two of my favourite things, puppets and boats, brought together in one lovely package.

A surprise cake by the river! Sunshine, cider, my love - it was perfect. Of course I had to get mucky didn't I :-)

Went scrumping again in the disused orchard I came across last year and made lots of chutney. I like chutney, jam and cordial days, followed closely by scrubbing-fruit-stains-off-every-surface days :-)

We went to see Beirut at Brixton Academy. Just fantastic. (Photo is from their website)

And then there was this morning...


Simon said...

Horses! Horses!

I'm glad it all worked so well. Although I know you wish it had been Bonnie Tyler, secretly. ;-) x

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes of course I do - if only to get some hair-styling tips :-)
Carrie x