Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New pot

Look - I have a new pot! Well, an old one but new to me :-) This one is enamel on steel and so much lighter than my cast-iron enamel saucepans and frying pan.
I love old enameled cookware, even though it's impractical in some ways. The handle gets burning hot, the cast-iron ones are very heavy to lift and things don't stay hot in the steel ones for long BUT they're so pretty and the shapes are sometimes funny and the colours bizarre. They never seem to stack with other things so have to have their own personal space in the cupboard - completely impractical on a boat - lovely!


Neil Corbett said...

When I was a lad we used to store ours under the bed, although as I recall it wasn't for cooking.

I'll get my coat.


Simon said...

now who's being facetious! ;-)

you'll have no cupboard space left at this rate... x

Anonymous said...

Neil, that's a great idea! Two uses for the price of one. Btw, you and Kath are invited for veg casserole next time you're nearby ;-)

Simon, why do you think I want you to boat alongside me? I can live in minimalist calm while you carry all my clutter!
Carrie x

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Ohhhh great pot. That would look lovely in my back cabin stove hahaha.